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Jordan Ramirez

Art Director

With Jordan's seven-plus years of experience as a professional filmmaker, 3D animator, graphic designer, copyeditor, and touring musician, storytelling is at the heart of everything he does.

In his role as Art Director at Ryan Leckey Media, Jordan oversees the creative flow of our work, making strategic decisions about design, imagery, and overall aesthetics to ensure that each element contributes to the client's (and our own) brand identity and goals. Collaborating closely with graphic designers, copywriters, and other team members, Jordan ensures a unified and impactful creative output that effectively communicates the client's message to the target audience. 

Jordan began his professional career first as a copyeditor for a growing e-commerce business and soon became engrained in the exciting and challenging work of brand building. He discovered that some of the most powerful storytelling tools were visual ones, becoming a student of video production and 3D animation. Utilizing dozens of online resources and the help of friends and mentors in these industries, he was able to leverage these skills professionally after many months of on-the-job training. Over a period of seven years and three leadership roles (including two years at Coal Creative, working with some of Northeastern Pennsylvania's best digital marketers), he went from editing copy to video production to designing whole campaigns from the ground up, working on film sets, and producing his first short documentary film and tv web series.

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