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Colleen Joyce

Executive Producer, Social Media Content

Colleen Joyce is Ryan Leckey Media’s Executive Producer of Social Media. With expertise in writing, graphic design, videography, content creation, field producing, and long-form video production… she’s a multi-skilled content creator! With over 17 years in the television field, Colleen has vast experience with tight deadlines, accuracy, and getting it right. She brings these attributes, along with her exceptional organizational skills, to Ryan Leckey Media.

Volunteering is something Colleen feels very passionate about. She has sat on boards and committees of various local nonprofits throughout the years. During her tenure of volunteering with Cinderella’s Closet of NEPA, Colleen served many board positions, as well as Public Relations Chair. Putting together a PR campaign and managing their social media helped Colleen to find her passion for making engaging and eye-catching social media posts focused on information and fun!

When not being a social media wizard, Colleen likes to mix it up in the kitchen. You can often find her whipping up a great meal, crafting the perfect cupcake, or busting a move in between with her dog Lucy. In the fall, she’s always ready to cheer on her beloved Notre Dame Fighting Irish!

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